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for great entrepreneurs

We design, build and deploy websites that sell and help you grow your business worldwide.


New e-commerces, replatforming, consulting

We are Shopify partners that help ambitious entrepreneurs to sell more using Shopify. We can help you create a brand new site, boost your e-commerce performances and user experience, develop custom integrations with your supply chain and improve your workflow.

  • Setup inkOfPixel


    We will help you launch your online business or seamlessly migrate your shop from another platform and provide support for installing apps that simplify your work.

  • Themes inkOfPixel


    We will tweak an existing template or craft a new design from scratch to create your beautiful online store.

  • Shopify Apps inkOfPixel

    Shopify Apps

    We build custom Shopify Apps to improve your workflow and to integrate your store with third parties.

...and more

We have in-house the expertise to design and build web platforms and mobile native experiences. Whether you have an idea, or you need a custom software we can make it happen.

  • Mobile App inkOfPixel

    Mobile App

    We design and build cross platform mobile apps to offer unique native experiences.

  • Web App inkOfPixel

    Web App

    Thanks to our expertise in full-stack web development we create custom platform using modern technologies. Whether you need to build a custom ERP or your startup idea we got you covered.

About us

We are engineers, designers and scientists.

We use state of the art technologies, embrace change and never stop learning.
If you’re looking for new ideas and talented people to bring them to life, you’ve come to the right place.

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