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STIMM - Shopping Therapy In My Mind - is a multi-brand concept store that creates unique and contemporary looks.

Ironic approach to fashion. Real contemporary style. Therapy of my moods.

STIMM men site section

Moving away from Magento

STIMM were in need of a platform that help them transform and grow toward a true multichannel business. We proposed Shopify to satisfy both their offline and online needs, as Shopify offers also a POS solution for offline sales. The first step was to move away from their old Magento website which was slow, difficult to navigate and expensive to keep up. Replatforming to Shopify led to a more performant website, better and faster admin and more insights into their data.

Shopify admin for STIMM Product page

A challenging redesign

The existing STIMM website was starting to look its age and presented several user experience flaws. We collaborated with STIMM to identify a new redesign the better fit their brand values, that a clearly represented by their unique brick and mortar stores.

A mockup from STIMM website redesign

Perfect product pages

When designing a fashion online shopping experience it's imperative to communicate the quality and the details of the product so that the potential costumer can be confident about how the product it's gonna look like. We crafted an easy to scan product page that presents the product and all the details necessary to complete the purchase. We designed also zoom magnification for images so that the customer can have a better look on the product.

An example of STIMM product page

A whole new search experience

Having a catalog with several thousands products, STIMM presents a unique challenge when it comes to proving a great navigation experience. We designed for them a brand new search with Algolia that provides best in class search performance and the flexibility of tuning search results to improve conversions.

Algolia search page of STIMM website

The results

We brought a dramatic improvement in STIMM online shopping experience, with a whole new look that better matches STIMM values. The new Shopify site is the starting point for the ambitious project of becoming a truly omni-channel business.