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NGB Jewels

NGB Jewels is a Made in Italy handmade jewelry brand that offers a wide range of unique products at an affordable price.

Collection page NGB Jewels

The challenge

NGB Jewels needed to build a new site where they could sell their products. The goal right from the start was to develop a digital business from scratch and start with us a growth path also in terms of online marketing.

A new way to browse products

The great variety of products in the NGB catalog has led us to structure the user experience in such a way that allows to explore the products by form, at the same time giving the opportunity to view the colors available for each product. This functionality was achieved thanks to the creation of an interactive product card that allows you to view the product variant chosen directly from the collection page.

Product selector NGB Jewels

It is also possible to apply a color filter to an entire collection. Whenever a color filter is applied, the specific selector of each product is updated accordingly.

Ngb Jewels Filters

The same navigation method was used on the product page, which has the same graphics to maintain a uniformity of content that facilitates navigation.

Product page NGB Jewels


The products are mainly known because of the brick and mortar stores in the area. The objective of this new e-commerce is to increase the presence of the brand even outside the Italian market. It was therefore essential to develop a multilingual e-commerce.

The result

The realization of the e-commerce for NGB is only the first step towards a growth path of online business. The opportunities to be seized are many, and together with the NGB team we are also working to create synergies between the online and brick and mortar stores.