Bud Spencer

Bud Spencer is one of the most iconic Italian actors and has become, over the years, a pop icon known by millions of people around the world. Being us big fans too, we were thrilled when we were asked to build the new Bud Spencer Official Shop. inkOfPixel - Bud Spencer Home Page

The challenge

The previous version of Bud Spencer Official Shop was built using Prestashop, but the overall experience did not feel modern and wasn’t satisfactory. A lot of problems, particularly slow performance and the complexity required to make changes, convinced the client to invest in a brand new solution that could improve both the user experience and at the same time reduce the administration fatigue. We decided to build the new e-commerce from the ground up, carefully selecting all the components and technologies that best fits the project requirements. The main challenges we faced during the development were:

  • Improve performance over the existing e-commerce, ensuring the scalability needed to support traffic peaks during promotions and events.
  • Create a fluid and responsive user experience, optimized for smartphone, without giving up on any desktop features.
  • Give administrators the ability to manage products easily.
  • Internationalize content.
  • Migrate all data on the new platform without any interruption of services.

Our solution

We decided to follow a headless e-commerce paradigm (you can read more in detail here). Where we rely on the solidity of Shopify to manage the products and orders, while delegating the presentation layer to a separate custom built frontend. This allowed us to create a highly optimized solution with an extremely fluid and rich user experience. Even during peak traffic no degradation of performance has ever been recorded. inkOfPixel - Bud Spencer Product

Content Management

To manage the website content, like the product information, we relied on a CMS. With this approach the administrators are able to independently add, remove or modify all the contents of the e-commerce in total autonomy. An example of this flexibility is the internalization of the content managed entirely through the CMS, giving the possibility to independently modify the translations of all the contents. Right now the e-commerce is translated in Italian, English and German. inkOfPixel - Bud Spencer CMS


Bud spencer e-commerce team is very happy with the result as all requirements have been met and we have created an extremely innovative, flexible and performing platform. We recommend that you see for yourself at bud spencer official shop !