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As a digital partner we create blazing fast SEO friendly e-commerce, and interactive user experiences to help you promote your brand and your products.

  • Setup inkOfPixel


    Ready for the world to be your customer? We'll help you bring your products online on all devices. You can also sell on Instagram, Facebook, and many other marketplaces. Through Shopify you will manage your catalog and organize your workflow and we'll guide you through the process by suggesting and configuring all the necessary tools.

    • Choose and install a theme from the Shopify store

    • Organize your website content and how to easily navigate through it.

    • Organize your product catalog, a perform data migration when replatforming.

    • Configure your domain, including the SSL certificate for a secure shopping experience.

    • Tailored training to give you the knowledge you need to run your online shop.

    • Configure Shopify apps that empower your shop and workflow

  • Custom themes inkOfPixel

    Custom themes

    Shopify builtin themes don't fit your needs? You need an experience more tailored to your brand with advanced features? Don't worry, we got you covered! We can build a custom website that suits all your needs. This let us also optimize the website to deliver blazing fast pages. After all, we don't want your customers to wait to buy your products right?

    • Custom user experience and user interface design

    • Interactive prototypes to visualize and iterate over ideas

    • Theme development with modern technologies (Next.js, GatsbyJS, ...)

    • Implementation of advanced features such as fast catalog search, faceted navigation, stores locator, multi-language, ... you name it

  • Custom Shopify apps inkOfPixel

    Custom Shopify apps

    Sometime you need to boost your workflow and you reach the Shopify app store to find the right app.. But what if that app doesn't exist? We have good news, we can build it for you!

    We built several apps for our clients and we can leverage our knowledge to guide you through the process of identifying pain points in your workflow and deliver the right solution thanks to a custom app! There is no real limit to how much you can customize your Shopify store.

    • Build custom connectors to your ERP system to seamlessly integrate your shop with your existing workflow

    • Handle advanced checkout experiences such as DDP shipping

    • Build custom dashboard to visualize your metrics and KPI

    • Custom data management to comply to EU GDPR

    • Integration of third party services

    • .. and much more!


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